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Image by Jamie Street


Experienced. Loyal. Respected. Recommended.

At MissChivers Pets, we help our pet clients and their human friends make the most of their friendship. We know that each animal is different, and we work with you and your pet(s) to provide tailor-made guidance and care that creates long lasting new and fun habits. Whether you have a new puppy or already own a pet with certain challenges, we are here to support you.

We focus on not only training your pet, but teaching you how to effectively communicate with them through fun, play and bonding.

We also offer cat/kitten visits to feed and keep your furry friend company whilst you're away. Puppy training pop ins to help to socialise and train your new addition. Personalised solo training and adventure group walks specified to your dogs needs for when you have other commitments. We are here to help and guide you and your family pack to become your puppy or dog's favourite training playmate.

Have a look at our services to see where we can help you.

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