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Ready. Set. Train.

Our holistic, positive and personalised approach to training, gives our puppies and dogs the best possible chance to become well balanced, mentally and physically.


We believe prevention is better than cure. We are here to help new puppy owners right from the start. From deciding on what breed to consider, preparing yourself and your home for your new family member, training specifics, habituation, socialisation and then eventually through to solo and group walks.

We offer a 4 session package, each session lasting up to 1.5 hours. All sessions are held at your home where your puppy feel safe and familiar within their surroundings, the perfect environment for them to start learning. Over this period, depending on your puppy's learning, we cover:

  • How dogs learn

  • Management around the house

  • How to prevent unwanted behaviours and help with:

  1. Socialisation & habituation

  2. Separation anxiety/crate training

  3. Toilet training

  4. Biting & mouthing

  5. Resource guarding & Object exchanges 

  6. Prevention of Jumping up

  • Settling

  • Recall Games

  • Sit, stay/wait, down, drop and leave it/eye contact

  • Loose lead walking

We also offer single training sessions to owners who feel they need a helping hand with any of the above topics.

Because your pup or dog is unique and learns at different levels, we accommodate this and tailor each package/session to the individual and breed.​

Prices for all of our services will be included in the MissChivers Personal Puppy Care & Training Introductory Package sent out to you before your 1st session. 

Get in touch for a tailor made and personal service aimed at your puppy's breed, personality and temperament.

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