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Dog Walk


Building confidence with fun and games

This personalised service is for the owners of puppies, adolescent or adult dogs that would like specialised regular solo training walks for their furry friends in and around Cambridge. Our 1 hour or 30 minutes long training walks focus on your dog's individual needs.

Are you training loose lead walking with your dog but not only do you lack the time to exercise this due to work commitments, but you also need a regular walker for your pup who is experienced, patient and consistent when training this behaviour?

Maybe your dog is shying away from other dogs? Do they pull and lunge towards objects or people? With our experience you can guarantee that we will allow your dog the space and distance they need to gradually gain confidence and connection.


We are proud sponsers of Yellow Dog UK, and advise our client's and their dog's with fear based behaviours to share awareness and support of this brilliant charity. When your dog wears a Yellow Dog 'I NEED SPACE' vest, both owner and dog feel more confident knowing people out in public, with or without dogs are aware that their dog 'needs space'. 


It's importnat to remember that just because a dog is wearing yellow, this doesnt mean they are aggressive. Some dogs need space due to being nervous or shy, they may be in training, they may have a health issue, or they have had a bad experience with a person or another dog in the past, they maybe old and arthritic, a rescue dog, a bitch in heat, or a dog that just isn't very sociable.

These walks are also great for dogs that need plenty of mental stimulation, as well as physical fun!

After your first initial enquiry, you will be sent our registration form and terms & conditions. We will then arrange your free 20-30 minute meeting either at your home, via phone or Zoom video call. Here, we will collect all relevant information off you including your dog's temperament, personal training requirements, how often you need walks and at what time during the day.

If we feel your dog needs extra specialist behavioural training, we will advise you on the best options and recommendations.

Pick up times are usually between 9.00 am and 2.30 pm although we try our best to be as flexible to you and your dog's needs as possible. We will either walk or drive to a park which is suitable for your dog. If your dog needs adjusting to car journeys, then this is included in the training hour.

On your dog's regular walk/training sessions, our pet carers carry with them all necessary equipment and tools needed to successfully care, train and play with your dog. These include:

  • Pet first aid kit

  • Water bowl and water

  • Long training line for recall training

  • Prefered toys and kong balls

  • Treat dispenser or chews for calming

  • Emergency recall whistle

  • Your dog's preferred treats

We like to alternate rewards/reinforcers for your dog's positive behaviours.

Depending on your dog's abilities, within our walks we practise:​

  • Eye contact

  • Sit, down and stay/wait

  • Loose lead walking

  • Manners when meeting fellow dogs and humans

  • Recall games

  • Boundary games

  • Hide and seek

  • Hand touch and more

  • Desensitisation and counter conditioning

Sometimes, your puppy or dog may need some confidence building around certain triggers. If this is the case then we will concentrate on this before attempting to train them. Any animal can not possibly learn when they are afraid.

Using our online Pet Sitters Plus Booking and Information platform, you are free to book and/or cancel future walks yourself using your personal login account number. Here we combine all your pet's information, extra emergency contact details and veterinary address and contact number, at hand on all walks, for your peace of mind.

We regularly update this system noting your puppy or dog's progression throughout their training, socialisation and play with us. This can be easily viewed through your Pet Sitters Plus dashboard, or we can personally email this to you.

We also offer an ongoing 20% discount towards single dog training sessions for all our regular dog walking clients, or we offer guided walks where you can join us and learn while we walk. This is beneficial knowing both walkers, trainers and owners are on the same page when training certain cues and behaviours.

You are guaranteed to see a positive change in your dog's responses and, most importantly, your dog will be learning through fun!

Walks are usually between 9.00 am and 2.30 pm

Please get in touch for any enquiries.

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